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Cat Recovery Collar

Cat Recovery Collar

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This adjustable collar is great for cats recovering from surgery or wounds.

Collar is soft, comfortable, and it does not interfere with a cat's peripheral vision or their ability  to eat and drink.
1. Comfortable to wear
2. Resistant fabric will not rip or tear
3. Machine washable
4. Will not mark or scratch furniture
5. Four different shapes
6. Available in S, M or L

Suitable for cats and small dogs up to 33 pounds / 15 kg.
Sizes(Length*Width*Thickness) in inches:
1. Toast Bread collar:
S: 6*8*2
M: 7*9*2
L: 8*10*2
2. Avocado collar: 
S: 6*7*2
M: 7*8*2
L: 8*9*2
3. Lemon collar:
S: 6*7*2
M: 7*8*2
L: 8*9*2
4. Peach collar:
S: 5*6*2
M: 6*7*2
L: 7*8*2
S:  The maximum adjustment range is 9 inches
M: The maximum adjustment range is 10 inches
L:  The maximum adjustment range is 11 inches
Measuring your pet's neck: An easy way to measure your cat's neck is to grab a piece of tissue paper and put it around your cat's neck, then set it flat and measure it with a ruler.
For larger breeds always size up.

Note: Due to manual measurement, there can be an error of +/- 5 mm. Thank you for your understanding.
Package includes: 1 recovery collar.

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