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Cat Grooming Brush

Cat Grooming Brush

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Gently removes loose cat hair. Eliminates knots, tangles, dander and trapped dirt.

Gives your pet a clean, shiny, and healthy fur. TOP QUALITY TOOL.

All hair types - Perfect Shedding and Grooming brush for short and long hair pets. 

Easy use one-button self ceaning - Simply press the button on the back after brushing your pets to release all loose hair from the brush.

Self Cleaning design makes it easy to push out and peel off all hair.

Comfortable and Safe for Your Pets - The shedding brushes are stainless steel fine bent wire bristles with round massage beads head designed for penetrating deep into the coat and brushing the loose hair without hurting your pet's skin and hair roots.

Cats love being brushed!

Unique, anti-slip, waterproof and durable design.

Choose from one of 3 beautiful colors: blue, gray or pink.

Size: 18.5 x 7.5cm / 7.28 x 2.95 in

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