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Cat Grooming Comb & Massage Brush

Cat Grooming Comb & Massage Brush

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The best and cutest tool to groom and pamper you cat! Remove floating hair while massaging your cat.

One-click cleaning button. All you have to do is press the clean button to retract the bristles and collect the hair. Supereasy!


Frequent combing can reduce pet hair loss and prevent hair from flying everywhere.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of ABS+Silica gel materials, soft and comfortable to use. Completely washable!

Strong and soft: cares for your pet's skin while combing. This brush can help improve blood circulation and relaxes your pets.
Perfect for small, medium, and large pets.
Works perfectly on short, medium or long-haired animals.

Two cute options of shape and color:
1. Green Avocado
2. Yellow Lemon 

Product Description:
Material: ABS
Size: 12.9*8*5.6cm aprox
Color: green or yellow 

Cat Grooming Comb / Massage Brush / One-Button Remove Floating Hair / Self Cleaning Tool Accessories

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