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Door Mounted 4-Levels Cat Climbing Shelves

Door Mounted 4-Levels Cat Climbing Shelves

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The perfect playground for your cats!
They will love to run up and down all 4 levels and scratch the surfaces!
They can jump, climb or just chill and hang out on each level.
This shelves will keep them active and entertained. 

Best choice for small homes:
Space saving door mounted cat shelves (4 Levels).

Easy to Assemble & Move
Just follow simple instructions manual to assemble and easily attach to door.
No holes or permanent fixtures needed to attach to door surface.
Can be easily moved to other doors, if you wish.

Sturdy & Well Made
Made of durable plywood and high-quality metal parts.
Silicone non-slip stickers and screw hole stickers reduce friction and protect the door.

- Suitable for Cats up to 40lbs / 18kg (approx). 

Important measurements:
- Gap between door top and doorframe door must be at least 3 mm
- Door thickness must be between 40mm and 45mm.
Not suitable for door gaps <3mm and door thickness >45mm or <40mm.

Product Size:  22.3"L x 10.5"W x 67.3"H
Product Weight: 11lbs / 5kg.

Give your cats 1-2 weeks to get used to it. (You could place their favorite toys or treats on the higher shelves to teach them how to navigate the change between levels.)

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